ACS TRUEFunding provides flexibility, predictability and transparency as a bridge product for groups moving from fully-insured or carrier level funding. With TRUEFunding, employers can reap the cost-saving benefits and other advantages of self-funding, with the added certainty of a consistent monthly payment.

TRUEFunding Features

  • Bridge product for groups moving from fully-insured or smaller groups with cash flow concerns
  • Predictable monthly plan costs with clear maximum exposure
  • 100% of the unused claims fund is retained by client
  • Full flexibility in plan design
  • Built-in stop-loss protection including Immediate Advance Funding to cover claims that exceed the specific and the year to date maximum aggregate

How Does TRUEFunding Work?

Employer groups pay a predictable monthly amount based on max funding composite rates, and anything above that amount is covered by the reinsurer. The client holds the banking and is able to accrue the interest on the claims funding account and retains ALL surplus amounts throughout the plan year.

Why Does TRUEFunding Work?

Unlike a fully-insured platform where the carrier retains all the savings in a good claims year, ACS TRUEFunding provides employer groups with that upside potential and ample stop-loss protection for times of higher than expected claims. TRUEFunding allows full data transparency so employers can regain control of their healthcare spend and realize TRUE savings.

With ACS TRUEFunding, clients get 100% return of surplus claim funding!

Carrier Level Funding

Annual Max Exposure: $1,200,000

Actual Paid Claims: $900,000

Net Surplus: $300,000

Client Share of Surplus: $150,000



Annual Max Exposure: $1,200,000

Actual Paid Claims: $900,000

Net Surplus: $300,000

Client Share of Surplus: $300,000

Additional Advantages of Level Funding with ACS:

  • Available on both PPO and RBP platforms, or a combination of the two
  • Choice of PBM
  • Better access to claims data and reporting for actionable results
  • Lower administration costs
  • Choice of vendors for telemedicine, wellness, etc.
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Ability to move between funding methods or stop-loss carriers without strings attached or having to change administrators

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