Renal claims are increasing as chronic kidney disease diagnoses rise, affecting over 37 million people a year and costing Medicare $130 billion annually*, with traditional health plans spending significantly more. Renal claims are complex, confusing, costly, and can wreak havoc on any business’s bottom line. That’s where Dialysis +Plus comes into play.

Created to alleviate the burden of renal claims, Dialysis +Plus is a comprehensive management program designed to normalize claim costs with streamlined administration. An easy addition to any group’s benefits portfolio, Dialysis +Plus delivers an average discount of 77.5% off billed charges across all patients.

Meet the needs of members and simplify your client’s renal claims process with:

  • Transparent, flat monthly case rates
  • White glove concierge delivery and participant advocacy
  • No network delivery so participants can go to any facility
  • Demonstrated stop loss savings

Best of all, Dialysis +Plus can be added at no cost until your clients need it!

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