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At ACS Benefit Services, we understand that finding high-quality, cost-effective health plan options for your clients can be a significant challenge. With a proven track record of providing employer groups of all sizes with innovative health benefit solutions that are backed by the highest level of service and support—we’re here to help!

the primary issues at hand

Rising Healthcare Costs

#2 Highest Expense for Employers behind Payroll

Rising Prescription Costs

Huge Price Variance Exists Between Providers in Same Geographic Area

Healthcare Spending Has Outpaced Growth of the Economy

Lack of Data Transparency

Pricing, Quality of Providers, Network Discounts

Our full suite of products at ACS was created with the customer in mind. We’re committed to meeting the unique needs of every client with fully-customized health plans that ensure full data transparency, long-term savings, and access to superior care.

What Does ACS Offer?

Cost-Saving Products & Services At-a-Glance

Custom Self-Funded Benefit Plans

Flexible Level Funded Solutions

MEC Plans and Consumer-Directed Options

Reference Based Pricing at a Highly-Competitive, Fixed PEPM Fee

99.6% Claim and Eligibility Administration

Dental, Vision, Life, & Disability Administration

Comprehensive Data Management and Reporting

Pass-Thru PBM and Specialty Drug Solutions

Wellness Education and Incentive Plans

24/7 Online Employer & Member Portal

What makes acs Different?


Our greatest strength at ACS is our people. Our passionate and experienced staff—whose management team averages 23+ years of industry experience—understands the complex health benefit requirements and hurdles facing employers of all sizes.


We are fully committed to meeting your unique needs by providing the support, advice, and risk management tools necessary to control healthcare costs and improve members’ health. Out full suite of innovative products was created with the customer in mind.

our technology

We utilize the most advanced, up-to-date technology available to deliver claim payments quickly—with an average process time of just two days for clean claims—and with unrivaled precision. Our 24/7 online portal also makes plan management simple and convenient!

Our Expertise

With a proven track record four decades in the making, our dedicated staff works every day to ensure that all client needs are met not only with speed and accuracy, but with care and compassion. You can rest assured that we are always here to help!

Why Self-fund?

Self-funding provides the flexibility to customize a cost-effective health plan that is designed to meet the specific needs each unique client brings to the table. Information gained from administering self-funded claims also helps to better manage and predict future risks and costs.


Self-funding is a simple and economical means of providing employee health benefits


ACS offers comprehensive self-funded plan administration


Get access to the best PPO networks and other programs to better manage medical expenses


Stop-loss insurance coverage from an A+ rated carrier protects the plan from catastrophic expenses

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