Self-Funded Plans

Increase Your Flexibility and Manage Risk

Self-funding can provide the flexibility to design a plan that is best suited to your organization and your members. The information gained from administering claims will help your organization better manage the risks and future costs of health care.

In a traditional insured plan, rates are fixed for a year and monthly premiums are based on the number of employees enrolled. The insurance company collects the premiums and pays the health claims based on the policy’s benefits. When a plan is self-funded, fixed costs such as administrative fees are billed monthly based on enrollment but the employer pays claim costs as they are incurred.

Stop-loss insurance reimbursements are made if claim costs exceed catastrophic claim levels, making the total cost equal to fixed costs plus claims less any stop-loss reimbursements. When claim costs are lower than expected, the savings remain with the employer and not an insurance company.

How Self-Funding Works

Self-funding is a simple, economical means of providing employee health benefits that is all too often misunderstood. We'll help you get the facts.

Controlling Costs

We offer our self-funded clients access to the best PPO Networks and deliver programs to better manage medical expenses.

Creating Your Plan

We'll help you design a self-funded plan, secure stop-loss insurance from an A+ rated carrier and provide the day-to-day administration and reporting.

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From customized plan design to 99.6% accuracy in claims processing, we are making a positive difference for each self-funded organization we serve. Isn't it time you learned more about partnering with ACS?

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Understanding Self-Funded Plans

Solutions to Control Costs

This educational guide describes why more and more employers are using Self-Funding to provide quality health care benefits and control costs.


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